Why Timberpride?

If you let it, and after 20 plus years in woods and sawmills, oak gets under your skin. It’s why it’s not only the national tree of England but of France, Germany, the USA and more. Why it’s the chosen symbol of the Woodland Trust. Why it’s sacred in many mythologies and why, over hundreds of years, it’s found its way into furniture, floors, ships, barrels, buildings and peoples’ hearts. Even the Latin for English Oak, Quercus Robur means strength and resolution. It’s upright, solid and permanent.

So why Timberpride? Let’s start with the name, which my father, a rocket scientist by profession and keen cabinet maker in leisure, came up with. Timber we hope speaks for itself and when we looked up pride in the dictionary it said this; a feeling of honour and respect; taking pleasure and satisfaction in something done well.

Anything that can take 100 years plus to grow and mature we think deserves respect, care and consideration in how it’s selected, seasoned, sawn, stored and used. And we figure the more we respect oak, the more customers will respect our expertise, knowledge, advice and guidance, as well as our timber.

I created the company after training as a chartered surveyor and working for a number of years in forestry, eventually managing over 100,000 acres of forest. It was then that somebody said you are either a businessman or a woodsman. I’m trying hard to be the former while my heart remains very much the latter.

Alec Golesworthy
Founder and Managing Director