25 Jul 2016

So I made the jump from a job in consulting about waste into a sales role selling oak. Yes, quite the leap. From science to wood. However, my experience at Timberpride far exceeded my expectations. In my naïve approach I thought selling wood would be easy. However, I never knew that oak could be such a complex and beautiful product about which I am still learning.

I have submerged myself in the world of oak: How does moisture content affect the product. Why do we air dry our oak before it is kiln dried. Why flooring requires acclimatisation by storing in the room before it is laid. How flooring can be placed on top of underfloor heating. Why engineered flooring is just a marketing ploy and is just as bad as laminate…

I am still learning about the European grading system which is used here at Timberpride, we do not grade by super prime and prime and other gobbledy gook. We follow strict regulation to ensure our customers know what they are buying. And I haven’t even scratched the surface with this, there’s the beams, cladding, the different profiles we do, the joinery, and I haven’t even begun about the framing: trusses, king posts and knee braces.

Luckily, I work in a fantastic team who have been nothing but supportive even about my incredible tea making skills (so that last bit might not be so true). They’re continuous mantra that one day I will get there has been a great reassurance.

At my interview I was inspired by Victoria and Alec’s approach. They had asked me to sell any product of my choosing. I brought in my guitar. Not sure how well that went but they did say it was an unusual choice. Nonetheless, I was to be remembered! They had asked me to sell a camera to them. With my extensive knowledge of photography (of which I have none) I managed to switch the thing on (quite an achievement!) I exceeded myself, my main sales pitch was that the camera was capable of zooming in and out (not my finest moment). For some bizarre reason Alec and Victoria decided to give me a shot and put me through my paces. I can now reassure everyone that my sales skills have improved since. I have still no idea how I got the job but in my first weeks here I have landed a few good sales which sets me in good stead and reassured the bosses they made the right decision (thankfully I am not selling cameras).

When I first arrived at Timberpride I was impressed with the stunning timber frame structure that was going up. This I later found was to be the new office. When I saw the structure a few days before there was nothing but a concrete patch and a small wall. Six weeks on and it’s almost ready to be opened!

Working here at Timberpride is an absolute pleasure. Every day brings new challenges. One of those challenges has been to prank the other sales team members. In all seriousness, this job is absolutely fantastic and if you have any queries in regards to oak, or working here at Timberpride it’ll be a pleasure to have a chat with you!