Oak Frame Garages and Car Ports

Do you want a beautiful Oak Frame Garage to house a car that is your pride and joy?

A hand-made Oak garage from Timberpride can be any shape or size you like

Green Oak has been used to make stables, barns and cart or carriage sheds for hundreds of years. Ever since the first motor car was invented a new breed of oak garage was created to protect them from the elements.

Using traditional joints and truss designs we can build anything from a basic shelter through to a spacious oak framed home to cater for your own and your cars every need. We can offer any degree of customisation, from uprating tie beams to carry an engine hoist, to different bay sizes for larger and smaller cars.

There is no such thing as a standard oak design because we are all unique!

Day to Day Usage

You may simply wish to keep your every-day car dry and frost free, a simple open bay, with sufficient space all around, wide enough to park and comfortably open car doors without fear of damaging paintwork.

Storing Your Treasured Cars in a Solid Timber Frame Garage

Maybe you have more exotic machines to pamper. Both pre-war Fraser Nash racers and the latest Aston Martin DB11 will look superb sitting beneath a medieval queen post truss.  Whilst full climate control is always possible, an Oak frame Garage can be made with ventilation so your cars can breathe.

Gain Useful Accommodation above your Oak Garage

It may not be just about the car, you may like to have a securely lockable bay to keep tools or even to house lawn mowers or other household items.  Combinations of open bays and lockable bays are easily catered for, an extended roof line to one side can create a log store and nobody has ever regretted including a sink or utility area in a serious garage!  Simply tell us what you want to achieve in your oak framed garage or car port and it can be designed in.

Accommodation above is easily achieved it could be used as a workshop, office or an overflow bedroom, whatever usage for the roof space is, in a hand-made Oak framed garage it’ s a special place to be.

You may wish to store a collection of cars which would be more appropriate in a barn.  We can create this accommodation for ease of access, manoeuvrability and above all secure protection.

Trusses for Oak Car Ports and Garages

The choice of truss to be used depends on how you wish to use the roof space.  If you want to use the space a Collared Truss may be appropriate.  If you want to admire the roof as well as the cars housed below there could be a combination of King and Queen post Trusses or medieval Hammer Beam Trusses with visible curved wind braces.

Oak Frame Garage Designs

An Oak Framed Car Port is a functional building, however, it can be as beautiful as the cars inside with a touch of thoughtful, pragmatic, creative design and handmade attention to detail.

Our designs are second to none and we have designed many, from double Oak Garages to Single Frame Oak Car Ports.

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Experience Timberpride’s signature personal service as we design your oak frame building, introduce you to the trees we will use, scribe and cut the joints by hand to make your Oak Frame Garage in British Oak.

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