Oak Frame Garden Rooms and Oak Conservatories

Conservatories and Garden Rooms are all about the creation of extra space in the home basking in natural light. Made in Oak your investment becomes a sound ethical choice.

The beauty of an Oak Conservatory will transform the look of your property, a modern addition handmade in a naturally durable material.  Oak structures are chamelic as they can look crisp and contemporary or complementary to 20th Century builds or rustic and charming as Heritage properties as with time the oak naturally silvers blending into its surroundings.

The might of the Oak frame, the charm of curved braces, pegs protruding form joints and natural whole life energy consumption qualities of Oak marrying seamlessly with walls of glass whispering elegance and style.  By day an awe-inspiring extension by night gentle lighting creates a warm, inviting space you just want to occupy.

You may use your Garden Room or Conservatory as a Dining Room, Lounge or Kitchen, it may be a grand Orangery or a smaller Satsumery just to relax in.

However, you choose to live with your conservatory or Garden Room Timberpride can design and create a space to suit your lifestyle.

Oak is the culmination of millions of years of evolution

Our philosophy is to create Oak structures which are honest, incorporating structurally sound knots and splits the majority of the forest harvest exhibits; maximising yield from this precious natural resource is our responsibility not allowing perfectly good timber to be wasted for the pursuit of fashionably perceived perfection.

At Timberpride we celebrate the reality of Oak, embrace its idiosyncrasies and love it for what it is……

Quality handmade Oak Frame Garden Rooms and Conservatories, made in British Oak selected in the forest and milled to size by our skilled craftsmen here in Tetbury.

Timberpride is Living Oak…..

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