Oak Cladding

Oak profiled cladding

Oak Cladding


Profiled oak cladding gives a stylish and contemporary look to your home, outbuilding or commercial building. We are able to offer thousands of different profiles because every order is custom made and every customer is unique.

Whether you are looking to cover the exterior of a house, outbuilding or shopping village, the flush, neat interlocking of Oak boards gives uniformity to an organic material.

Profiled oak cladding must be made from air dried oak, as the longer the time spent in stick the more naturally occurring tensions are released. Resulting in more stable oak.

Oak featheredge cladding


Probably the most recognisable and traditional form of cladding. Feather edge cladding creates a charming, rustic and durable finish to any building. It sits comfortably in rural locations and brings a fabulous contrast to a more modern or urban setting.

Typically 200mm wide and 20-10mm thick, but is also available in other thicknesses with or without a rebate. Because we cut it to order, anything is possible.

All of our oak feather edge cladding is cut from from British Oak logs. Our cladding is supplied whilst wet and seasons in situ on your home, outbuilding or commercial building.

Oak profiles and fixings of featheredge cladding


Tongue and Groove Profiled Cladding is one of the most popular choices, tongue and groove profiled cladding board interlock the to create a flat surface, many of the profile options highlight the joins with shadow gaps and chamfers.

HalfLap Profiled Cladding is a traditional solution where boards overlap each other by rebates cut on the edges. It is more robust than tonge and groove, but requires more fixings per square meter.

ShipLap Profiled Cladding is a more ornate half lap with various detail options and a longer lip for additional weather protection and partial secret fixing.

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