Artisan Oak Frame Buildings, Hand Made from Sustainable Oak

When you are planning to build a house, oak frame extension or other green oak frame buildings – perhaps an oak framed garage, conservatory or oak garden room one of the most economical and environmentally sound decisions you could make is to build using oak frames. This wonderfully attractive building material lends itself to both modern and traditional structures.

The paradoxical nature of combining this sustainable and ancient species with centuries-old handcrafting techniques will create modern structures that will outlast those built in modern materials.

While the oak tree is growing, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is converted into the wood; this carbon dioxide remains ‘locked up’ in the timber and from an environmental perspective makes it one of the few materials which actively reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Locking in the carbon dioxide with every beam results in building dream properties, which are warm and welcoming. Green oak frame buildings can be old-fashioned, charming and characterful or crisp and modern with stunning glazed elevations.


Create a beautiful Oak Frame Garage to home your car. From simple single bays to an eight car masterpiece.


Enrich your home with living oak, expand on your existing space and add the “wow” factor with an Oak Frame Extension.


Add extra space to your home and bask in natural light with an Oak Frame Garden Room or Oak Conservatory.


Exude elegance, personality and style within your home with the addition of Oak Roof Trusses. Discover the different types.

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Creating your Perfect Oak Frame Building


The journey starts with a conversation. Talk to us about your ideas, the living spaces you need or desire, how you would like the layout to look, you may already have architect’s drawings.   From here we start to think about the timbers and joints required to bring your plans to life.


Timberpride mills green structural oak on site, all sourced within the UK. The beams for each project are cut from logs in Tetbury ready for our team of highly skilled framers to start work.


Every oak frame is made by hand, joints individually scribed and cut using a mix of ancient and modern hand tools. The carpenter will read the timbers and make carpenters marks so that he can identify where each beam will sit in the frame and its orientation once the joint is complete.

Realising your dream

Collaborating with your builder of choice

You will need a builder, working with one that will help you bring your dreams to reality is vital. At Timberpride that’s what we do. We work with your builder and form a strong relationship with them to help them to deliver your dream. It does not matter if they have worked with Oak frames before. We all have our areas of expertise, ours is all things Oak and any life can be enriched by bringing some Oak into it.

Going that extra mile

Oak is not just a commodity. Each tree is a living breathing plant that has formed part of a forest and eco system. We buy our saw logs in the forest, where we consider the soil type and the work of foresters over the last 100 years. We can introduce you to your new home whilst it still has bark on it. Leading you through the process of turning a beautiful oak tree into a stunning home, extension or outbuilding.

Here in the Cotswold’s where traditional construction is natural stone walls with oak roof trusses, unsurprisingly we are rather good at making these roof and feature trusses too.

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