Solid Oak Flooring

What greater style statement is there than to furnish the inside of your home with a solid oak floor?

Solid Oak flooring makes sense from Royal palaces where its beauty speaks of luxury and privilege right through to development projects where its qualities of durability, environmental responsibility and value for money win out.

At Timberpride we manufacture real oak flooring harnessing tried and tested methods, without taking shortcuts which compromise so much Oak today.

Whether you are in construction and have bespoke oak flooring requirements for your customers or whether you are considering oak flooring for your home we are here to help.  At Timberpride, with over 20 years’ experience in growing, managing and processing oak we will work with you to ensure you make the buying decision that is right for you.

Working with our Oak

Preparation is key, and at Timberpride this process starts in the forest when we inspect the trees. Timberpride sources predominately from within the UK, with a preference for Oak from sustainable and fully traceable sources. When we choose a tree to be planked for flooring we are looking for sound timber, but with some knots.  We believe flooring looks best when it reminds us that it came from a tree, with branches!

Logs are then planked in our Tetbury Sawmill and put in stick to air dry.  Living trees contain a large amount of water and air drying is a method of drying timber by exposing it to natural atmospheric conditions.  After 8 to 14 months the planks will have lost sufficient moisture to be put into our biomass-powered kiln to reduce the moisture down to 10%.   This means it can then cope with internal elements such as central heating to minimising the risk of shrinkage or swelling after installation.

But moisture is only part of the story. The months “in stick” air drying allow much of the tension in the Oak to relax. Our way is not the quickest, but it is the best.

Only once the boards are dry are they ripped into square edge stock (they won’t dry straight if you square them wet). We then rip into the sizes that each board will most efficiently produce.  This effectively reduces waste, most logs will produce boards from 100 to 250mm wide, with the majority over 175mm.

These boards are then passed through our moulder which is used to shape the oak with profiled cutters.   We do this process twice which eliminates planning misses which would spoil the finished floor and means we can always ensure the best face is the upper face.

Our experience and knowledge working with oak have offered us the opportunity to develop the best Tounge and Groove profile for our flooring.  It is a variation on an old secret fixing profile, perhaps a little more complicated than most, but superior in service.

Our finished flooring superbly made and professionally finished we will always deliver the quality and value that are associated with the heritage and craftsmanship that is the ethos of our business.

So, whether you require flooring for a construction project you are working on or would like some advice on oak flooring for your home, give us a call or send us an email.  We are here to help.

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The oak leaf: Timberpride's symbol of Quality

The oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance and here at Timberpride we use the oak leaf as part our brand. It not only represents these characteristics but it is also our brand guarantee to our customers on the quality they can expect from all Timberpride products.   Sourcing predominately from within the UK, with a preference for Oak from sustainable and fully traceable sources we personally select the best oak available. Our processes of traditional techniques and expert craftsmanship combined with technology enhances the natural qualities of the oak and brings out its individual characteristics.

The Timberpride oak leaf : your guarantee of Quality