Solid Oak Tables

Real oak tables ethically designed to fit the size of the wood, every table has a story.

Sustainably sourced material using every last piece to create a table which is rich in character telling you the story of the life of the tree from which it comes.

The strong architectural style legs are jointed and fashioned by our skilled craftsmen using traditional hand skills.

Making good use of the wood that we find…..

Everyday our business produces spare timber that is not needed for the job in hand but is good useable material.  Ethically, sustainably and with our forestry hat on, this can’t be wasted.  We proudly utilise our framing skills producing unique tables, with a hint of oak framing character.

Solid Oak Coffee Table

This architectural table top and base are made from solid oak grown by the Duchy of Cornwall in Herefordshire. Featuring swirling grain patterns and knots this beautiful table will hold your gaze time and time again.

Table Dimensions: 78cm wide, 148cm long and 56cm high.

Old Refectory Style Dining Table made of Oak

Solid Oak Refectory Table – Limited-Edition

A modern take on the arts and crafts style refectory table. A dramatic table to seat 12 people, or more if you don’t mind cuddling up.

Table dimensions: 990mm wide, 3270mm long and 780mm high.

English Walnut Dining Table

English Walnut Retro Style Dining Table – Limited-Edition

A modern approach to a traditional design, this beautiful walnut oval table offers strong, clean lines to complement functional living. Made from a single tree which grew in Tresham, Gloucestershire. Planted by the famous Victorian botanist and botanical painter, Marianne North in her retirement, about 1885. Please google her, she was quite remarkable.

The top is made from book matched boards with simple rectangular legs to allow the timber to be the main feature.

Table dimensions: 2440mm long, 950mm wide and 800mm high

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