Our Philosophy

There are dozens of organisations who guarantee sustainability and habitat conservation by subscribing to their schemes. Yet pollution is increasing, waste is truly offensive, illegal logging is at an all-time high and the threats from bio-security have never been more severe.

Timberpride has its roots in forestry, we understand how to manage woodland and we only buy logs from woodlands that are properly managed. This is achieved by talking to the foresters who devised the plan and inspect the forest. This is the only way I can reassure myself that our standards are being met.

Timber Miles

Pollution is a consequence of modern life, much of our electricity and most of our transport is reliant on fossil fuels. It is not possible to supply timber without moving it, but it is possible to limit the distance it travels. All our Oak comes from British forests, it does not travel halfway around the world to enter your life, even if that means we cannot take advantage of cheap labour on the other side of the world.

Plant Health & Bio Security

Bio security is largely ignored in the UK but we are facing dozens of threats, each one capable of doing more damage than Dutch Elm disease. Xylella, the Asian long horn beetle, the Oak processionary moth, the Asian hornet and the grey squirrel to name just a few. There is little legislation in place in the UK or EU to protect us the way that New Zealand, Australia and the USA have. If we want to avoid the destruction of whole ecosystems, we must take action now!

Timberpride’s bio security policy will not fix the problem, but at least we can say we are not part of the problem. We will treat all timber coming into our yard to kill all pathogens and do not bring material in from infected countries without this protection.  We urge you to insist on the same commitment in all your purchases.


Waste multiplies these problems.  Inefficient use of our resources means more demand for timber, more pollution, more imports without bio security. But worst of all, unrealistic demands on timber means wasting usable oak. Our Oak woodlands are the culmination of generations of skilled work and decades of determined growth by the trees. We will process each tree to yield the best and the most it can.  We will grade beams to D30 or D40, but we will not waste timber to satisfy vanity.  Oak is too precious to aim for anything other than honesty.

We are an experienced, skilled and pragmatic team. Talk to us today.