Timberpride Warranty

Over our 20 years or so ingrained in the sourcing, seasoning, sawing and sale of oak we have come to trust it and our processes implicitly.

So much so in fact that we’ve created this guarantee to share our faith with our customers. Oak lasts. Joinery or beams which are kept dry under a sound roof will not rot. And oak will not move unless its moisture content changes or it is exposed to high temperatures.

So we guarantee that our joinery work will not rot for 25 years if it is kept at a moisture content below 18%.

Further, we warranty that our joinery oak will not shrink or swell more than 2% of its original dimensions so long as it is kept within the moisture range of 12% to 18% for air dried or 8% to 12% for kiln dried and that it is not exposed to temperatures over 24 degrees centigrade.

Should our oak fail to perform within these parameters, Timberpride will re-supply the affected timber or refund its invoiced value.

We hope you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with choosing oak from Timberpride.

Exclusion and conditions
Oak changes colour over time and in service and these variations are excluded from the warranty. All guarantee claims should be made in writing accompanied by the relevant claim form, proof of purchase and with supporting photos. Any valid claims will be subject to the standard terms and conditions.

Timberpride’s guarantee does not affect consumers’ statutory rights.

This warranty is limited to the areas detailed herewith and no other factors are warranted.