External Oak Staircases

Enhance Your Property with an External Oak Staircase

If you need access to the roof space of a building externally, look no further than our handmade external oak staircases. These masterpieces of craftsmanship blend timeless design with the durability of oak, resulting in a stunning addition to any property.

With a history dating back to medieval times, oak carpentry has stood the test of time, and our staircases reflect the perfected innovations from that period to the present day.

Timeless Elegance & Lasting Beauty

As your oak staircase ages it will naturally transform in colour. When embraced by the sun’s ultraviolet rays your oak structure will gradually take on a distinguished silver hue, maturing into a testament of time passed by.

Whether it’s to accompany your outbuilding, or a stairway down from the top floor of your garage or carport, an oak staircase can be a great option that adds both practicality and substance.

The Beauty Of Choosing a Timberpride Staircase

Here at Timberpride sustainability isn't just something we care about, it's our guiding principle. We take immense pride in our commitment to environmental responsibility, maximising every millimetre of wood to minimise waste and leave a greener footprint for generations to come.

From the robust structuring to the smooth finishes, every element is carefully considered to deliver a staircase that not only stands as a functional structure but as a true piece of artistry.

Explore the world of external oak staircases and embark on a journey of history, sustainability, and craftsmanship. Let us help you transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and functionality. Contact us today to start discussing your project, and experience the artistry and durability that only an oak staircase can provide.

Extras to consider when installing an oak frame with us

What is fixed face glazing?

We glaze our Oak frames using air-dried English oak cover boards to clamp glass in place, forming a weathertight seal by compressing closed cell memory foam between the oak and the glass. Having a small degree of flexibility in the method, the timber can move up to 6mm without causing bending stress on the glass.

The benefit of this glazing method is the complete coverage of the internal mortise and tenon joints, shielding them from outside weather conditions.

Fixed face glazing in oak framed extensions
Oak Extensions fitted with fixed face glazing

Bespoke oak doors and carpentry

Whether it’s finishing the garage with a pair of oak doors, or the main entrance to your home, doubling down on the oak look is a beautiful style choice.
Offered to those when purchasing a custom oak frame with us, we’ll make sure to recommend the best finishes.

British Oak Framed doors and carpentry
Oak framed buildings Timberpride roof truss

External Staircases

External staircases are a popular because they don’t waste any internal space. Fully bespoke designs mean we can customise elements such as treads, risers, handrails and balustrades to satisfy building regulations as well as the aesthetic needs of the building. We can design the perfect oak staircase, maybe even incorporating a balcony for a sunset tipple.

Weather durable and aesthetically beautiful, a bespoke oak staircase can see generations of use and remain strong.

Oak Framed Garages by Timberpride
External Oak Staircases by Timberpride

Durability & Resistance

Choosing an external staircase made in British oak is more than just an aesthetic decision; it's an ethical and sustainable choice too. Oak, known for its durability, is resistant to pests, disease, and environmental conditions, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of a visibly exposed staircase that can withstand the elements for generations to come.

An external oak staircase is more than just an aesthetic addition; it's built to withstand the rigours of nature. Chunky sections of oak not only look great and feel substantial, it's innate strength and natural resistance to decay make it an ideal choice for outdoor structures.

By opting for a Timberpride oak staircase, you're investing in a material that not only lasts for hundreds of years but also supports responsible and eco-friendly construction practices.

Everything is bespoke

Imagine walking down a staircase born straight from your mind, the warm honey-coloured frame of oak exuding a sense of individuality that transforms your landscape. It’s more than just a staircase, it’s a visual asset that adds a touch of originality to your outdoor space.

Stairway to your Dream Design

Every project is made to order by our team of skilled carpenters, setting out British Oak beams on trestles in our Cotswold workshop. We measure, draw and scribe each joint before cutting and shaping the mortice and tenons by hand. Each carpenter will work exclusively on your oak staircase and will carve his initials in a secret place where they will not be found for hundreds of years.

Sustainable Oak Construction

We believe it is our responsibility to make maximum use of every magnificent oak tree that we bring into our yard. Harvesting a tree that was planted by our great-great grandparents’ generation which has now reached maturity is an honour.

Each saw log is selected for the job, considering length, girth, knots and efficiency. Not only do we produce beams, we take boards form the outside which, grade dependent, are used for cladding, joinery or flooring thereby maximising the yield from what might be a 120 year old tree.

We are proud that nothing is wasted. Only the bark and slabbing boards, pieces too small or rotten knot pockets which can’t be used are chipped to fire our biomass boiler, heating the workshop, office and kiln.

how your oak framed building is sourced

Produced to Order by Specialists who Care

Our skilled carpenters will make the traditional mortice and tenon joints by hand, so that they will withstand the moving and twisting nature of oak. Whether shipped assembled or in component form, hand drawn oak pegs are used to lock the joints in place and pull the structure tight preventing spreading.

We make all staircases in our Tetbury workshop using only British oak, which is then precisely milled and graded to D30 and D40 in house. Whichever type of stair structure you need, we will produce scale drawings to ensure everything is dimensionally perfect.

Alec & Victoria Golesworthy