Oak Framed Garages

Oak frame buildings are so much more than one of the most ecological, beautiful and durable structures money can buy. They are exceptional value for money compared to most modern construction techniques. Here at Timberpride we're passionate about creating organic spaces from natural oak, a practice humans have been doing for thousands of years.

Oak Garages by Timberpride

Oak Garages

When you’ve decided to have an oak framed garage, oak framed car port, barn or home office it’s not about choosing a pre-designed template. Oak framed garages come in all guises, single bay double bay, triple bay or more. 

Each customers’ requirements are different, for example you may want a unique shape or size, additional build-in storage or first floor accommodation above the building.

Barns can be all shapes and sizes and put to myriad uses; stables, storage, workshops and party venues to name a few. Your oak garage or outbuilding needs to fit in with your property and do the job you want. That’s why all our oak framed garages are unique and custom built to fit your requirements.

Single Storey or First Floor Accommodation

Understanding the purpose of the rooms on the first floor will aid in deciding which truss will be used. If you imagine if the space is going to be used simply for storage, headroom and design aesthetics aren’t critical elements for construction. However if you’re seeking to have a granny annex or invest in an Airbnb, natural light, space and architecture are more of a priority - because granny is worth it. We’re able to offer a plethora of truss designs at a variety of price points to find the best solution for your project.

Single storey garages and outbuildings will generally have a vaulted roof space, so the whole structure is visible from underneath. This could be an honest traditional cart shed structure or a much more ornate frame, depending on how important the view looking up is to you.
Single Storey Oak Framed Garages

Single Storey Oak Garages

When the space is only required for ground access, a single storey oak framed garage can be a wonderful addition to your home. A 2 or 3 bay abreast garage building doesn’t just have to be used to shelter vehicles though. When considering a garage it’s important to think about the extra storage space you can gain.

Oak Framed Garage by Timberpride

Two Storey Oak Framed Garages

By designing your garage with the appropriate roof trusses you can create a first floor space perfect for use as an office, leisure or storage. Windows are easily added and the finished room can have excellent thermal ratings for use as a home office of leisure.

Doors, Windows & External Staircases for your Garage

Thought about a staircase? A lot of garages and barns use external staircases as having them internally can use more room than imagined both up and downstairs. Internal staircases are often cheaper as they're able to utilise thinner timber due to not having to withstand the elements of the outdoors like outdoor staircases. Let us know your ideas and we'll happily work with you to come up with the perfect design to both maximise space and longevity.

Although windows and doors can be bought ready-made in plenty of sizing options, we recommend having everything specifically made with your specifications for optimum longevity. Timberpride has an in-house joinery shop, creating bespoke English Oak windows and doors for people who intend for their joinery to provide the same provenance and integrity as their oak frame. And just to remind you, this English Oak joinery doesn't cost the Earth.

Everything is bespoke

We listen to our clients and ask questions to help us understand what you want to achieve with your bespoke oak garage. We can then start the project by designing oak framed garages, oak car ports or outbuildings that fit with your brief be it design led, budget sensitive or a fine balance between the two.

Oak Framed Garage Design

All oak garages are unique, so we design the frame drawing until you’re satisfied and there is normally a comfortable balancing point between design and budget. This is one of Timberpride’s greatest strengths, and there are infinite possibilities you can choose from designing oak garages, oak framed car ports and many more practical and beautifully designed oak framed buildings.

Extras to consider for your Oak Garage

What is fixed face glazing?

We glaze our oak framed garages using air-dried English oak cover boards to clamp the glass in place, forming a weathertight seal by compressing closed cell memory foam between the oak and the glass. Having a small degree of flexibility in the method, the timber can move up to 6mm without causing bending stress on the glass.

The benefit of this glazing method is the complete coverage of the internal mortise and tenon joints, shielding them from outside weather conditions.

oak framed garages - extra options
oak garages and oak framed garages by timberpride

Bespoke oak doors and carpentry

When pairing your oak garage with a pair of oak garage doors, doubling down on the oak look is a beautiful style choice.

All finishing options are available to customers when purchasing a custom oak framed garage with us, and we’ll make sure to recommend the best finishes for you.

British Oak Framed doors and carpentry
Oak framed buildings Timberpride roof truss

External Staircases

External staircases are a popular choice as they don’t waste any internal space. Fully bespoke designs mean we can customise elements such as treads, risers, handrails and balustrades to satisfy building regulations as well as the aesthetic needs of your oak framed garage. We can design the perfect oak staircase, maybe even incorporating a balcony for a sunset tipple.

Weather durable and aesthetically beautiful, a bespoke oak staircase will last for generations and remain strong.

Oak Framed Garages by Timberpride
External Oak Staircases by Timberpride

Sustainable Oak Construction

We believe it is our responsibility to make maximum use of every magnificent oak tree that we bring into our yard. Harvesting a tree that was planted by our great-great grandparents’ generation which has now reached maturity is an honour.

Each saw log is selected for the job, considering length, girth, knots and efficiency. Not only do we produce beams, we take boards form the outside which, grade dependent, are used for cladding, joinery or flooring thereby maximising the yield from what might be a 120 year old tree.

We are proud that nothing is wasted. Only the bark and slabbing boards, pieces too small or rotten knot pockets which can’t be used are chipped to fire our biomass boiler, heating the workshop, office and kiln.

sustainable oak framed garages made in the uk
how your oak framed building is sourced

Case Study

The oak-framed garage in rural Gloucestershire was a bespoke creation tailored to car enthusiast Kevin’s needs. Featuring a 2 ½ bay design with a first floor spanning two bays and a half-bay open to the ridge, the garage seamlessly integrated a car workshop flooded with natural light. A key highlight was the solid oak staircase, meticulously handcrafted by Timberpride, providing access to a double guest bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.

A Stunning Result

Kevin’s preference for durability and quality led him to Timberpride, where the staircase’s thick oak components fulfilled his vision, ensuring longevity and robustness. Ultimately, the garage not only maximised space and accommodated height restrictions but also fulfilled the dream of guest accommodation above, alongside serving as the perfect workshop space for car enthusiasts and even leaving room for a gym.

The Benefits of Oak Framed Garages

Over our time we’ve built many garages with oak, with the structure lending itself to having a secondary floor above the main parking bay, our customers are always left happy. With every oak garage produced to order, the levels of bespoke construction are limited only by your imagination.

Alec & Victoria Golesworthy

Frequently Asked Questions

Oak framing is a highly flexible construction technique, arguably not as much as steel and concrete. However, oak frames will always last longer than steel, look nicer than steel, usually cost less than steel, and the environmental impact of an oak structure is exponentially better than the eco disaster that is concrete and steel.

No potential home buyer has ever viewed a property and said ”Wow, what a beautiful steel and concrete garage!” – it’s at this point some people realise the logic of spending less on something nicer.

Strictly speaking, you don’t need building regulation approval for a space that will never be lived or worked in. However, many people decide to build a garage to building regulation standards (and photograph the process) just in case they decide to convert it into accommodation at some point in the future.

It’s really useful to start with a clear idea of what you want your building to look like and to understand your budget. Balancing these two factors is key to a successful build. However, you should avoid spending too much time and money on your plans before confirming if they are permissible. The first step is to check your permitted development rights, as it might be possible to build without planning permission. In most cases, though, you will need permission. A planning consultant can advise whether permission is necessary and what designs are likely to be approved. With this information, we can design and cost your building so that the design sought for planning approval matches your vision and budget.

Many people prioritise the car over the garage it sits in, opting for the simplest possible structure to minimise costs. However, others prefer a classic, authentic building reminiscent of a traditional cart shed, complete with visible curved wind braces and a vaulted roof featuring king post trusses. Those seeking beauty might choose designs with shaped posts, numerous curves, and ornate carvings and chamfers on visible faces. The prevailing design trend emphasises individuality — why build someone else’s dream?

Most oak framers prefer to construct frames that are fully self-supporting, meaning they do not rely on any other structure for support, regardless of whether they are freestanding or attached. We can attach a frame to the house if it saves money; however, a freestanding frame must always provide its own rigidity and strength. This requires a full contingent of braces, and both gable ends must be fully framed, which is inherently more attractive. Additionally, a detached garage will need to have electricity, water, and drainage systems built in, as it cannot simply be connected to the existing house.