Oak Framed Extensions

Timberpride Oak Framed Extensions

Oak Framed Extensions

Oak framed extensions are the environmental choice for creating an additional living space in your home. The finished result is beautiful and will last for hundreds of years. An oak frame is lighter than concrete, so the foundations can be simpler.

Whatever you prefer to call it – garden room, conservatory, extension, we can help you achieve your vision right from the initial design through to the finished product.

There are endless design solutions for oak framed extensions, so initially we will listen to you and get a good understanding of your requirements to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve based on the design and budget. We can then start working on the project by designing a oak timber frame that fits with your brief.

Oak Extensions created with British Oak by Timberpride

Adding Value

As with any oak framed extension, you can expect to see an increase in property value. When considering an oak frame into the mix this is further amplified due to the luxurious nature of the wood used. What may seem like a bigger investment will return dividends in the potential resell value.

Oak Extensions interior roof trusses

Quick Assembly

After agreeing the design, the oak beams are cut and the frame is manufactured in Tetbury for delivery to site in components for site assembly or part assembled. This is much quicker and more accurate that full manufacture on site. Oak frames are lighter than concrete and brick structures so often require smaller, cheaper foundations so the work can be completed faster.

Everything is bespoke

A Timberpride oak frame can last for many hundreds of years and will always be made of genuinely sustainable oak. We can even tell you where the tree was grown!

Oak Framed Extension Design

All our oak framed extensions are made to order by our team of skilled carpenters, setting out British Oak beams on trestles in our Cotswold workshop. Each oak joint is measured, drawn and scribed before cutting and shaping the mortice and tenons by hand. Each carpenter will work exclusively on your oak framed extension and will carve his initials in a secret place where they will not be found for hundreds of years.

Extras to consider when installing an oak frame with us

What is fixed face glazing?

We glaze our Oak frames using air-dried English oak cover boards to clamp glass in place, forming a weathertight seal by compressing closed cell memory foam between the oak and the glass. Having a small degree of flexibility in the method, the timber can move up to 6mm without causing bending stress on the glass.

The benefit of this glazing method is the complete coverage of the internal mortise and tenon joints, shielding them from outside weather conditions.

Fixed face glazing in oak framed extensions
Oak Extensions fitted with fixed face glazing

Bespoke oak doors and carpentry

Whether it’s finishing the garage with a pair of oak doors, or the main entrance to your home, doubling down on the oak look is a beautiful style choice.
Offered to those when purchasing a custom oak frame with us, we’ll make sure to recommend the best finishes.

British Oak Framed doors and carpentry
Oak framed buildings Timberpride roof truss

External Staircases

External staircases are a popular because they don’t waste any internal space. Fully bespoke designs mean we can customise elements such as treads, risers, handrails and balustrades to satisfy building regulations as well as the aesthetic needs of the building. We can design the perfect oak staircase, maybe even incorporating a balcony for a sunset tipple.

Weather durable and aesthetically beautiful, a bespoke oak staircase can see generations of use and remain strong.

Oak Framed Garages by Timberpride
External Oak Staircases by Timberpride

Case Study

The kitchen extension project in rural Gloucestershire was a transformative endeavor that blended old farmhouse aesthetics with modern functionality. Tthe extension featured a vaulted roof and a picturesque glazed gable end screen, offering Cathy and Kevin an airy and captivating space.

Luxurious Cotswold Kitchen

Additionally, Timberpride’s craftsmanship extended to the kitchen’s design, where tall oak wall cabinets and cream-colored units were meticulously crafted to complement the high oak kitchen ceiling.

Sustainable Oak Construction

We believe it is our responsibility to make maximum use of every magnificent oak tree that we bring into our yard. Harvesting a tree that was planted by our great-great grandparents’ generation which has now reached maturity is an honour.

Each saw log is selected for the job, considering length, girth, knots and efficiency. Not only do we produce beams, we take boards form the outside which, grade dependent, are used for cladding, joinery or flooring thereby maximising the yield from what might be a 120 year old tree.

We are proud that nothing is wasted. Only the bark and slabbing boards, pieces too small or rotten knot pockets which can’t be used are chipped to fire our biomass boiler, heating the workshop, office and kiln.

how your oak framed building is sourced
how your oak framed building is sourced

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people consider high levels of insulation to be the biggest energy efficiency gain, Oak frames can be built with exceptional U values. However, the energy consumed in the construction of a building will always outweigh the energy it consumes. This embodied energy is much lower in an Oak framed building as it uses so much less concrete and the Oak itself is made out of captured atmospheric CO2. Combine this with the proven longevity of an Oak frame, dividing the embodied energy over a longer period of time and Oak frames could be the ultimate energy-efficient construction technique.

Oak framing is incredibly versatile, you can create a full medieval hall through to a sharp contemporary space and every style in between. We have even mirrored gothic stone arches in an Oak framed extension to reflect the older building in the new.

Oak is exceptionally durable, it doesn’t mind getting wet so long as it can dry out and once it is dry insect and fungal attacks are limited to sapwood. However, it can be enhanced further by periodic oiling of external oak. Traditional Oak frame houses were black and white because they used linseed oil on the oak and lime-washed the masonry. Once oil has penetrated the oak it can last for many hundreds of years externally.

We work hard to keep our lead times below 3 months, however, the planning and design process will usually take longer than this and most people won’t spend money on detailed designs until the planning permission is granted. We frequently book in frames without the drawings being finalised, particularly where the accurate dimensions won’t be known until the builder gets to a specific point. But if we know when the information is likely to be available we can have the beams ready so that carpentry can start within hours of supplying us with the final dimensions.

In reality, most estate agents value property by comparison and their experience, most will tell you that the construction techniques make little difference to value. However, most agents will also tell you that the wow factor of an Oak frame will nearly always mean the house sells quickly and without the asking price being knocked back. I would suggest that this is a good value uplift.