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At Timberpride our sustainably sourced British oak frame buildings, hand crafted in the Cotswolds, will provide beautiful living spaces for all those involved.

Oak frames can create any building you can imagine, whatever the shelter you have in mind, be it a cathedral, house, stable or roof truss, the principles of oak frame carpentry remain the same. We choose to hand make all our oak frame buildings, oak garages and outbuildings here in Tetbury so our skilled carpenters can work with this natural, quirky, majestic raw material harnessing its greatest strengths and beauty.

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The process of working with British oak

We have a long standing process of how we handle our trees through from felling to final product assembly of our oak framed buildings. All our oak is responsibly and sustainably obtained from British forests.

The Tree

The Tree

At Timberpride we’re proud to be responsible in sourcing our oak from well managed woodland in the UK. The growing conditions and forest health are closely observed to ensure future health for generations to come. Each Oak tree grows for a long time, a thriving eco system is therefore vital.

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The Process

The Process

Once a British Oak tree is felled it’s brought to our yard in Tetbury. We begin the process of grading, milling and grading again. Reading each beam to use it or position it to it’s greatest strength and advantage before we start carving the joints.

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The Craftsmen

The Craftsmen

We’re committed to using traditional skills. With a material as idiosyncratic as oak you have to really understand the grain patterns and how it will behave later on when in a frame. For this we believe that experienced people skilled with their hands will always be more successful than the automated robot approach.

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The Benefit

The Benefit

Oak frame construction has been around for many centuries, with buildings still standing for many more to come. Oak simply lasts a very long time when used correctly. The environmental impact of using oak in construction over modern methods is substantial as well.

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The Result

The Result

A beautiful structure which will last for generations to come. Oak frames are a tried and perfected method of sturdy construction which will stand strong to the tests of time while being aesthetically pleasing the entire time. Each project is unique entirely to you and your specification.

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Expert Oak Carpentry

From Oak Trusses to Octagonal Garden Rooms

Sustainable oak construction

We believe it is our responsibility to make maximum use of every magnificent oak tree that we bring into our yard. Harvesting a tree that was planted by our great-great grandparents’ generation which has now reached maturity is an honour.

Each saw log is selected for the job, considering length, girth, knots and efficiency. Not only do we produce beams, we take boards form the outside which, grade dependent, are used for cladding, joinery or flooring thereby maximising the yield from what might be a 120 year old tree.

We are proud that nothing is wasted. Only the bark and slabbing boards, pieces too small or rotten knot pockets which can’t be used are chipped to fire our biomass boiler, heating the workshop, office and kiln..

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A natural approach

When working with oak, you generally find it tends to do what it wants and there’s not much about stopping it. However, with experience we can see how a beam is going to behave and work with it’s strengths, not forcing it, in denial of its nature.  When you work with oak the results can be amazing, but you must accept it for what it is.

We’ve always prided ourselves in doing things the natural way, taking the greatest care of this material which has been used in construction for centuries.

Alec & Victoria Golesworthy