Oak Orangery

Oak Framed Orangery

The closest most orangeries get to citrus fruit these days is the lemon in a gin and tonic!

An oak orangery is light and airy with an elegant roof lantern, cosy and inviting in inclement weather, the synergy between Oak and glass works. Create your new oak framed orangery – your favourite space to fit with your home and lifestyle.  The choice is yours, how would you like it to look?

Bespoke Oak Orangery

There are endless oak orangery design solutions so initially we will listen to you and ask lots of questions so that we have a complete understanding of your requirements.  There are always two main issues, normally design and budget and so we need a clear understanding of where the balance lies for you.  We can then start to realise the project by designing a frame that fits with your brief.

Every oak framed orangery is hand-made by our small skilled team in our Tetbury workshop from sustainably sourced British oak.

Whatever you want, a Timberpride Oak frame can last for many hundreds of years and will always be made of genuinely sustainable Oak.  We can even tell you where it grew!

Produced to Order

Made to order means a team of skilled carpenters setting out British Oak beams on trestles in our Cotswold workshop. Measuring, drawing and scribing each joint before cutting and shaping the mortice and tenons by hand. Each carpenter will work exclusively on your Oak framed orangery or extension and will carve his initials in a secret place where they will not be found for hundreds of years.

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