How we work

We are oak through and through and essentially we’re here to help any professional who works with oak. Oak in all its forms and uses from structural to joinery, seasoned to green, floors to cladding, waney boards to true quarter sawn and QBa grade perfection.

We simply aim to provide the best, as consistently as is possible when working with a natural product where every tree is unique. We never compromise, so every customer can have confidence that they are getting the best service, expertise and timber quality. Our expertise and the control of all stages of production in house can often mean we are the cheapest.

We also insist on air drying for at least one year for every 25mm of thickness and then control the speed of drying to prevent ‘shake’ and allow the natural tension in the wood to ease and relax.

We bother with little details too like using poplar sticks, rather than oak, so the natural tannins of oak on oak don’t stain our boards.

And we hold 1500 cubic meters of oak in our Tetbury yard so that we can meet more customer requirements more quickly, more often. Even our address, translated from the Latin, is Oak Road.

There’s a lot more besides which you can explore in our blog and technical guides.