Latest news from Timberpride   COMPANY owners Alec and Victoria Golesworthy are celebrating 25 years of Timberpride, selling and manufacturing oak frames, buildings and structures for families and clients throughout the UK. The couple, who live in the Cotswolds, started their business in 1995 with a start-up loan of £2500 from the Princes Trust. Today […]

Seeds From China

Seeds from China, what harm can they do? Somebody in China is sending packets of seeds to 10’s of thousands of random recipients around the world and nobody seems to know why. Why are we not screaming in anger? Has Covid-19 taught us nothing? Biosecurity is arguably a more pressing issue than climate change. If […]

Experience v Mystery

Oak framing is a little bit like the island of Tortuga in the film Pirates of The Caribbean, only less drunken and dangerous. If you know what you are doing raising an oak frame is simple, if you’ve never done it before it can be disastrous. The trick is just as Captain Jack Sparrow would [...]

Have you considered permitted development rights?

  Did you know most homeowners have the right to improve, extend or build a separate structure to the existing dwelling house without the need to apply for planning permission, providing the extent of the work is proportional to the existing house. If you’re extending or improving your home you could be saving time and […]

The British Oak Tree is Under Threat

The future of Britain’s most iconic tree is in peril Britain has more ancient oak trees than the rest of Europe combined, making the Oak a quintessential part of our national identity. The oak tree is a vital habitat for biodiversity, creates the familiar beauty of our landscape and is a construction material used for […]

How do you choose who should make your Oak frame?

In a crowded market place, how do you choose who should make you Oak frame building? As a consumer it is always difficult to know how to choose between the different operators in the market.  No two quotes are ever the same so comparing like for like is near impossible.  Marketing messages on the whole […]