Vision & Values

Our vision, and we hope the clue is in the name, is to be a centre of excellence for all things oak, built on several decades experience in all aspects of an oak tree’s life and its uses as a structural and joinery material. Stable wood, patiently prepared for a specific use can save hours of skilled labour and give several lifetimes of trouble-free performance.

Timber yards are in the business of supply and we work with many of them. We are a family concern in the business of partnership, helping people to make an informed choice and the right choice. Choosing oak is a great start. Choosing Timberpride is, we believe, an even better one.

We’re committed to traditional techniques of processing and supply not out of nostalgia but because we believe they haven’t been bettered. Sometimes that might mean we advise customers to reconsider requirements or to take steps to ensure their oak serves them well, but our advice will always be in our customers’ long term interests.

We are committed to the environment too, not just in words but in deeds. All our oak is 100% PEFC certified of course, from a sustainable source and fully traceable. But we also recycle sawdust from our mill to fire the kiln and provide us with heating, we use soakaway drainage so there’s no impact on groundwater and collect rainwater for vehicle cleaning.