Introducing the Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler Installed into Oak Saw Mill

Timberpride, the Tetbury based European oak specialist, is just completing a series of major investments in response to the continued growth in demand.

An extension has been added to the purpose-built facility allowing the installation of new machinery and repositioning of existing saws to optimise production.

A biomass boiler has been installed to use the 5 – 10 tonnes of sawdust produced every day. This boiler, which produces enough heat to run 15 family houses, will be used to power a timber drying kiln and heat the production and storage capabilities.

Timberpride is the first UK timber merchant to install heating in their timber storage building, the logic being, that kiln dried oak will be installed in heated environments so it is best to acclimatise stock before it is made into expensive joinery or furniture. This is another example of Timberpride’s total commitment to quality.

Timberpride’s mission is to revive the traditional approach to processing European oak. This stance has seen the business grow steadily over the past few years as customers realise the difference properly processed timber can make to their profits.

This latest round of investments have been an easy decision to make, and the jobs being created are an exciting opportunity for the right people to join a happy and busy company.

For further information please contact:

Alexander Golesworthy
Managing Director

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