Structural Oak Beams

Structural Oak beams are extraordinary, modern composite materials can be impressive, but oak has the following benefits

  • Properly sourced oak locks in CO2 and preserves our woodlands, doing your bit to save the planet
  • Oak has the versatility to convincingly create styles as diverse as classic Tudor to post modern minimalist
  • You can recycle oak in 800 years time and it will still be useful
  • Visually, it’s simply beautiful
Timberpride oak support beams

Graded Structural Oak Frames

All our British sourced oak is dried, graded and cut in our sawmill in Tetbury. We’re proud of our roots and keeping things local to the UK.

We can offer a structural grading certificate to BS5756 if you need it and you can rest assured that you are working with a team who know the difference between D30 and a grade fail, even if you don’t need a CE certificate. Timberpride is a centre of excellence for all things Oak. Oak beams are so much more than just another commodity, when you have worked with Timberpride you will understand the difference Oak experts can make.

Timberpride Oak Cladding on Tetbury Showroom

Green Oak Beams

This is simply what we call oak beams, cut from round wood, wet and straight off the saw. Our green Oak beams are sustainable, available cut to size from the saw log here in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Most of our production of oak beams goes straight into our in house oak framing, but we are always happy to cut them to order for you.

Green Oak beams are typically at 80% moisture content & are a golden honey colour. Over time they will dry, splits will develop and they will weather to a silver grey colour if used externally.

Oak featheredge cladding

British Oak Logs

The British love their oak trees and woodland. We have a higher percentage of land covered with woodland than any European country and we have a long history of first class woodland management.

It is vital that British Oak crops are harvested and used to ensure that more crops are planted and managed for future generations to use.

Oak loves growing in Britain, cool wet summers, mild wet winters and fertile soils. British timber has the major advantage of fewer timber miles, importing Oak is like bringing coal to Newcastle!

Oak profiles and fixings of featheredge cladding

Graded Structural Oak

All residential and commercial building projects need Building Regulations approval, if structural Oak beams are used in the building they will need to be graded to BS5756 standards and CE certification issued to gain this approval.

The only structural grades that can be applied to Oak are D40, D30 & Fail. It doesn’t matter that an individual piece of Oak may achieve a higher grade, the highest it can be certified for is D40.

As specialist oak sawmillers, Timberpride are BM Trada audited graders, we understand the importance of the correct grade and grading classification.

Sustainable Oak Construction

We believe it is our responsibility to make maximum use of every magnificent oak tree that we bring into our yard. Harvesting a tree that was planted by our great-great grandparents’ generation which has now reached maturity is an honour.

Each saw log is selected for the job, considering length, girth, knots and efficiency. Not only do we produce beams, we take boards form the outside which, grade dependent, are used for cladding, joinery or flooring thereby maximising the yield from what might be a 120 year old tree.

We are proud that nothing is wasted. Only the bark and slabbing boards, pieces too small or rotten knot pockets which can’t be used are chipped to fire our biomass boiler, heating the workshop, office and kiln.

sustainable oak framed garages made in the uk