Oak Roof Trusses Without Delay

How to get your Oak trusses on time

When you are running a busy building site, how do you make sure you get your oak trusses when you need them?

Ordering is often left to the last minute, after the walls are built and you have the accurate measurements for the trusses to be made to.  Of course, this inevitably means delays on site whilst the trusses are built to order.  Is it possible to avoid these delays at this stage and be in with a fighting chance of completing on time?  At Timberpride we believe it is by following the process below:

1    Drawings

When you know you have got the job send us the drawings you are working with. 

2    Price

We will put together a price based on the drawings and estimate the time for manufacture.

There’s always a few hundred mm added onto the length of timber to accommodate variations between drawings and actual measurements.  The price won’t change if the design doesn’t.

 3    Order

Tell us when you will need the trusses and place the order now.

We will plan your job into production, reserve a framing slot and allocate the saw logs to mill into beams.  We’ll also get all the paperwork sorted so it doesn’t slow us down!

4    Build

You continue to build the walls ready for the trusses and we mill the oak beams ahead of the framing slot.

5    Measurements

Send us the final measurements when you’re done, remember, if the angle of the pitch varies a little from the drawings it won’t change the price.  Once we have received those measurements, we’ll finish our drawings for you to sign off.

6    Manufacture

The framing team starts work, setting out, shaping posts, scribing and hand cutting joints to produce your trusses.

7    Despatch

All the trusses will prepared for despatch, either in component form or assembled ready to crane into position, the choice is yours!

In a Hurry?

If you need an oak truss quickly to then be able to get your roof in place please call us on 01666 504 436 or contact us today!


So the next time you talk to a client about a feature oak trussed roof, talk to us at the same time, it could save months of delays and at the very least make your life easier!!

Contact us for more information 01666 504436  hello@timberpride.co.uk

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