Take a leaf out of the Oak book

Now then, this is a blog about green oak, not the green as in the colour, but green as in the green form – the wet form.

Here, you will find out all you could ever want to know about green oak. And maybe some stuff that you didn’t know that you should want to know. Firstly, there is the ‘process’, now, our process here at Timberpride is different to most timber merchants, this is because we have our own British logs that we can cut ourselves here in Tetbury. Because of this, it cuts out the waiting time of getting the beams cut from France. So, not only are we different from most by having our own logs, it also means you are getting British oak rather than European. Some may see this as a good thing, we here at Timberpride see it as a great thing. If you don’t mind, either way, that’s fine, they are the same species and unless you can analyse DNA you cannot tell them apart.

Having the ability to cut logs here, it means that you (the customer) get exactly what you asked for, on time and delivered if needed. The reasoning for using green oak for structural purposes is easy, it looks amazing. No seriously, it does. We get told this A LOT! When customers come to see us in Tetbury, it’s the first thing they say. It’s a lovely thing to hear. You know you could hear it too from all your friends and clients when they come to see you!

Drop back soon to find out how!

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