Commissioning Oak Structures that will Last More than a Lifetime


I’ve just returned from picturesque rural Kent attending the funeral for my wife’s grandmother who died recently aged 98, this was not a sad time, it was a celebration of a long interesting life with over 20 great grandchildren to show for it.

I have spent much of the last week working in forests selecting Oak logs to feed our sawmill, most of these trees were teenagers 98 years ago, they lived through 2 world wars and have filled the forest with saplings, not so different to my Grandmother in Law.

Over the next few months, we will turn these trees into beautiful oak frames which can last for 800 years.

At Timberpride we are looking to meet and work with people who value this continuity and have the imagination to commission structures which will outlive their great-grandchildren.

Living Oak, Timberpride

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