The British Oak Tree is Under Threat

The future of Britain’s most iconic tree is in peril

Britain has more ancient oak trees than the rest of Europe combined, making the Oak a quintessential part of our national identity.

The oak tree is a vital habitat for biodiversity, creates the familiar beauty of our landscape and is a construction material used for thousands of years right up to the present day.  Many famous examples exhibit it’s durability, strength and beauty for example the Great Hall at Westminster, HMS Victory and more recently the Globe Theatre.

But the Oak tree is under attack.

  • Acute Oak Decline (AOD)
  • Oak processionary moth,
  • Root-attacking species of honey fungus
  • Powdery mildews

AOD has been identified across large swathes of the UK and, along with other recently identified threats, has the potential to devastate our oak trees over the next few years!  All the above are present in the UK today; weakening or killing our oak trees.

Scientists have made a great start, but there is so much more to learn about Acute Oak Decline, other threats and how to stop them. If our oak trees are to be saved from a similar fate to elm and ash, action is needed now!

  • Xyllela fastidiosa

A bacterial disease and increasing threat moving its way across Europe, with no bio-security in place, towards the UK.  If Xyllela reaches UK shores it would be catastrophic for native woodlands.

Action Oak is a new initiative formed by people and organisations that have the skills and experience to make a real difference to the threats facing our Oak.  Key interlinked priority research areas have been identified.

  • Research

Research is likely to cost around £15 million

  • Key outcome

Prevention of AOD and other threats killing thousands of oak trees

  • Funding

We need your support.  The government is supporting us but there is more work to be done.

By choosing Timberpride you will be supporting Action Oak.

You can support Action Oak direct simply visit Justgiving or make a donation direct to Woodland Heritage.


The future of Britain’s most iconic tree is in peril.

If we don’t act now, it may be too late….

Please join us at Timberpride and support Action Oak

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