Structural Oak Beams

Is there any other building material which has had a greater influence on British and European architecture? Could Oak even claim to have shaped more lives and history than any other material? Maybe.

Structural Oak beams are miraculous, modern composite materials that match its load-bearing capabilities, but oak gives more:

  • You can fall in love with oak beams in a home, they are beautiful
  • You can feel the satisfaction of knowing you have locked CO2 into your home, reducing your impact on our planet
  • You can create a medieval homage or a space-age experiment and both will look great
  • You can recycle oak in 800 years time and it will still be useful

Nothing else on Earth comes close to claiming the title of the ultimate high-performance building material, structural Oak won that race a thousand years ago.

Now we have established that oak it the choice of the heart and the mind, you must choose where to source it. Please talk to experts, people who really understand oak, people who go to the forests and dig holes to understand the soil that the trees grew in, it makes a difference. People who have invested in saws so they can cut your beams from trees. People who believe doing it properly matters, Timberpride.

Timberpride will cut your gaded Structural Oak beams accurately at our state-of-the-art sawmill, from logs we have sourced from British forests. We can offer a structural grading certificate if you need it and you can rest assured that you are working with a team who know the difference between D30 and a grade fail, even if you don’t need a CE certificate.

Oak beams are so much more than just another commodity, when you have worked with Timberpride you will understand the difference working with experts can make.

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Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Debbie Chard – Obvious Expertise
“Timberpride provided an excellent service, combining a friendly approach with obvious expertise. They were able to advise on products & met our requirements at a competitive price.”
Shaun – Highly Recommended
“We have used Timberpride on many occasions, they can get what we need in whatever size we need it, which many timber suppliers fail to do. We highly recommend them.”
Dawn Wilson – Tremendous Customer Service
“I had the pleasure of dealing with your company on Friday when I was trying to locate two small pieces of oak for decorative purposes. Whilst I imagine in the grand scheme of things, this was a small order, the help and customer support I got from your colleague Sarah was tremendous, even arranging for the wood to be left at an alternative location for collection to suit me. I would like to pass on my thanks, it was a pleasure to deal with such a customer driven business.”
Paul Large – Quick Turnaround
“Just a quick thank you to you and your team for the quick turnaround on the oak that was supplied. The timber was just as requested and was of a good quality. We will be using you again soon. Many thanks.”
Terry Stevenson – Helpful & Professional
I found Timberpride very helpful with the design of my garden room.  The construction was very good, we were impressed.  I would like to thank all of the operatives for a very professional service throughout. Stevenson Building Contractors
A true Cotswold experience and well worth a small premium for the excellent service
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with designing and delivering on time the lovely oak A-frame for my coach house. Everything went extremely well and to plan, including personal delivery of some of the oak from Alec, the owner and his son. In this day and age of online sales and aggressive pricing it's a great experience to be able to walk into your lovely oak offices, meet the owner, take a look behind the scenes and at your oak waiting to be hand crafted into your designs. It's a true Cotswold experience and well worth the small premium for the excellent service and to be able to engage first hand with all the processes." Bob Davison

Green Oak Beams

Green beams are cut to order so there is no waste for the you to consider even with non-standard sections, the colour is uniform and the drying splits have not started to develop. They are heavier (80% moisture content), but they are much easier to cut joints into as they are not as hard as seasoned beams.

Structurally there is no difference between seasoned and green, but visually the differance can be huge.

British Oak Logs

Timberpride’s green oak is cut from British logs, sourced from managed woodland all around the UK.

Inspected and selected by Alec, our internal TRADA Grader, and brought back to the Sawmill here in Tetbury, for milling on our in house band saw.

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The oak leaf: Timberpride's symbol of Quality

The oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance and here at Timberpride we use the oak leaf as part our brand. It not only represents these characteristics but it is also our brand guarantee to our customers on the quality they can expect from all Timberpride products.   Sourcing predominately from within the UK, with a preference for Oak from sustainable and fully traceable sources we personally select the best oak available. Our processes of traditional techniques and expert craftsmanship combined with technology enhances the natural qualities of the oak and brings out its individual characteristics.

The Timberpride oak leaf : your guarantee of Quality