About The Tree

At Timberpride we’re proud to responsibly source oak only from well managed woodland in the UK.

By inspecting every woodland we learn about the growing conditions of the forest, see first hand the reality of the management programme and how stocking and forest health will look in future generations. We believe this sustainable approach reaches further than the established certification schemes, whilst connecting you with the heritage and nature of woodlands in the UK

Our business has its roots in forestry

How often have you heard tell of Britain’s dependence on Oak? We all know the history, Oak built our past, but what of the future? British forestry depends on the responsible and commercial use of Oak to secure its future. Oak is the ultimate form of carbon capture both as a living growing tree and a long-lasting loved home.  Land owners will continue to plant and nurture oak woodland for future generations so long as there are responsible buyers using it.

Oak tree sapling

Renewable, but not disposable

This is a modern confusion. Oak is renewable if harvesting is in harmony with growing. Just because we can replace the Oak we use does not give us the right to waste it on bad design or temporary structures.

The Oak we enjoy today is the function of over 100 years hard work on the part of the tree and the foresters sustainability is a relative term, we can grow millions of tonnes of Oak, but we don’t. Oak is only sustainable if the next generation grows in the spaces left by harvesting. Timberpride gives you the guarantee that this is the case with the Oak we use.

Sustainable oak forestry

The Future

With care, future generations can enjoy our Oak and our forests as we do. We know what to do, British sylvicultural techniques were perfected hundreds of years ago. But foresters 200 years ago did not have the grey squirrel and the plethora of invading species to contend with.

Bio security is one of the biggest and most immediate threats facing life on earth, this is why Timberpride is involved at root level with Action Oak, researching acute Oak decline and campaigning for bio security responsibility.