A little insight into the world of Cladding

Oak cladding is an affordable way to ensure a beautiful focal point on any building.

That’s what we say!!

If you are looking for a rustic statement, then feather edge is the one for you. With its tapered board fitted with an overlap makes for a beautiful traditional exterior facade. (posh!)

If it’s a more modern look you are going for then cladding boards with a profiled edge may suit better. (even posher!)

With straighter lines from the tongue and groove and shiplap, you can even go for a TG&V Groove; the possibilities are endless.

Be aware, that external cladding will move with the seasons so expansion gaps are rather important.

You also need to remember (I know we mention this a lot) that the cladding boards you use externally WILL change colour. It is inevitable, but we like to warn you so it doesn’t just creep up on you. At least if we keep telling you, you will know

So, why does the colour change happen you ask?


Yes Yes, thank you Dave from down the back there!

He is right though, the tannins do wash out. This will leave marks on the brick/stone work surrounding the cladding. Be patient, it will go eventually. If you want it gone right this second then use some sugar soap or brick acid along with some elbow grease and this will remove it.

The UV rays will also bleach the oak – if you want to keep that honey coloured look then you will need to sand the boards back, every year, for the rest of your life – we say, just let it be natural… everything looks so much better when it’s just left to be natural, and you can have a life.

For fixing your cladding, you or whoever is fitting it for you MUST use only stainless steel fixings. If you use normal steel fixings, there will be purple/black staining left on the oak – like a bruise that will last FOREVER!!

Nobody wants that.

Right, that’s all for now, so if you:

  • Want to talk more about Oak Cladding
  • Need to work out if it is for you
  • Are fed up of looking at bare walls
  • Want to check if you have PPI (just kidding)


Then please, drop by, call us or send us an email and we will get straight back to you!

Bye bye for now : )

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