Experience v Mystery

Oak framing is a little bit like the island of Tortuga in the film Pirates of The Caribbean, only less drunken and dangerous.

If you know what you are doing raising an oak frame is simple, if you’ve never done it before it can be disastrous. The trick is just as Captain Jack Sparrow would tell you, you need to go with someone who has been there before.

Timberpride have been helping home owners and builders to navigate the world of oak for 25 years. We’ve seen mistakes and triumphs, drawing learning from both. It’s normal for your oak frame to be the first one you have done, whether you are a home owner or a builder.

We combine our experience and expertise to help home owners and builders navigate these confusing waters to achieve their dreams or win a contract and bring it in on budget.

In August 2019 we were approached by a surveyor working for a home owner who wanted to build an annex to downsize into. He wanted and Oak frame and had a fixed budget. Inevitably the client came under pressure to drop his Oak aspirations to hit his budget. Timberpride helped the surveyors to specify a frame which gave the wow factor and came in on budget, we then introduced him to an experienced builder who we have worked with before and loves Oak frames. The structure, delivered yesterday, now incorporates ornate arched brace trusses, shaped Jowell posts and an octagonal dining room. More Oak than the client believed he could afford and on budget purely because of experience and communication.

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