Have you considered permitted development rights?


Did you know most homeowners have the right to improve, extend or build a separate structure to the existing dwelling house without the need to apply for planning permission, providing the extent of the work is proportional to the existing house.

If you’re extending or improving your home you could be saving time and money by developing your home under permitted development rights.

Whether you’re considering an extension, conservatory or garage this may well qualify under permitted development rights, particularly if it is not positioned on the front of the house and no more than 50% of the total curtilage.

Obviously there are restrictions, there is a maximum height you can go to, how close to a boundary and public highway you can be, but it is often surprising quite how much can be built without PP.  Sometimes neighbour consultations are necessary for larger single storey rear extensions.

Other restrictions include creating a building to be used as a pay day loan shop or casino for example, these would require Planning Permission.

Permitted Development Rights Checklist

  • What is the coverage of the improvement? It must not exceed 50% of the curtilage
  • Does the height of the roof exceed the highest part of the roof of the existing dwelling house?
  • Is the proposed improvement at the front of the house?
  • Single storey extensions at the rear may require neighbour consultation.
  • What is the proximity to boundaries?
  • What is the proximity to public highways?
  • This improvement may not lead to a change of use such as launderette or Farm Shop

If you would like to read more about Permitted Development Rights please click on the link or contact us on hello@timberpride.co.uk

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