Fantastic Flooring

Simply Stunning Solid Oak Flooring

If you want an impressive focal point in your home or office, then look no further than Timberpride for your solid oak floor!

With solid oak flooring, there are always considerations (like anything in life) underfloor heating is a rather hot topic (get it) and believe it or not, so is the floor construction. (who knew!)

The grades and sizes we produce here vary to suit you meaning you can have exactly what you ask for.

So, if the solid oak flooring is what you are looking for then please, call us.

We here at Timberpride like to help you out on providing you with the correct information, so, if you would like to find out more then please come back next week to get your fill of acclimatisation in solid oak flooring!!

Just remember, if you want engineered oak flooring, we are unable to provide this – we are about solid oak and solid oak only.

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