More Green than you can cope with!

Ah ha, welcome back.

So, last time we got to how everyone will be green with envy (get it?!)In this little blog, we will let you know a few snippets on colour and moisture content and perhaps a frame.

Here’s where we get a bit technical so you will have to bear with us.

Green Oak is perfect for structural purposes because of its moisture content, which, after cutting is around 80%, meaning 80% of its content is water. It’s sap, but people are known to call it both – we will stick to sap though. No pun intended there!

Take note! This moister content will drop during the drying process.With the moisture content being so high, it’s a lot easier on the tools you are using, especially if you are cutting joints.

The colour throughout green oak is uninformed and the drying splits are yet to form. You will notice that when they start drying out, the look of your green oak will change – don’t worry, this is very normal. We embrace it here, it just means the timbers are coming to life and showing a little character. It was a standing tree, up until recently and it pays to remember this if you want dimensional perfection have it made in steel and forget about having a beautiful (carbon negative) home which everyone will love.

Want more? Be sure to return to find out about the magic colour changing green oak.

(not actual magic)

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