Meet the Timberpride Family

We are a family; everything we do is ultimately about people. From the landowners and foresters who planted and tended the oak trees generations ago, those who felled and extracted them and hauled them to our yard for our team to saw and craft into frames.

Tom & Jon

Tom studied countryside management and was delighted to get the chance to work in a sawmill. He operates all the machines and has growing understanding of oak frame carpentry.

Jon used to be a mechanic; his mechanical appreciation gave him a head start in becoming a great sawmiller.

Carl & Marcus

Carl is a proud Welshman, which also means he takes pride in every task he takes on. A job is only done when it is the best it can be.

Marcus has worked with wood and people all his life.  A qualified councillor, Marcus spent some years supporting and helping people overcome addiction.

Jane & Kim

Jane prefers to be hidden away from the front desk, dealing with bookkeeping, accounts and invoices with well-practiced efficiency.

Kim is the voice you are most likely to hear when you phone the office.  She is instrumental in scheduling deliveries of thousands of tonnes of oak logs in to Tetbury and finished oak frames out to our customers. Juggling a dozen balls is bread and butter to her.

Alec & Victoria

Alec trained as a chartered surveyor, but his heart has always been in forestry. Starting to work with British hardwoods in 1992, he is proud to say that he has planted many more trees than he has harvested.

Victoria was the first person to see the value and importance of Timberpride’s work nearly 25 years ago, and has been instrumental in every aspect of the business ever since.

And don’t forget Bertie

He likes to be front of house… but can be grumpy!

We are an experienced, skilled and pragmatic team. We'd love to talk to you.