The Benefit of Oak Framing

After photo of British Oak Framed Building

Words from Alec Golesworthy

I would argue that Oak framing is the most beautiful construction technique known to man, of course I am biassed, but after all these years working with Oak the beauty of our work stops me in my tracks most days. This is the most obvious benefit, but Oak has so much more to offer.

Durability, if you are truly concerned about our relationship with our planet you should plan to build something that can last for hundreds of years. This is the only way we can reduce our over consumption of materials. There are many examples of Oak frames in Britain which are over 800 years old. If you build in British Oak you can carve your name on it somewhere, this is as close as most of us can get to immortality.

Oak Framed Extensions

So many claimed environmental benefits these days are greenwash, at Timberpride we only buy Oak logs in British forests after we have inspected to satisfy ourselves that the woodland has been properly managed. Many years ago Alec was a forester and can still claim to have personally planted more trees than he has cut down, so we will not buy it if the woodlands future would be jeopardised.

Timberpride showroom oak framed roof truss

Why British Oak I hear you ask? There is always the flag waving pride of a wholly British grown and made frame. But this is overshadowed by timber miles. Oak is carbon, taken out of the atmosphere and turned into your home by Timberpride. Using Oak locks CO2 into your structure for hundreds of years. Why would you transport Oak thousands of miles before putting it up at home? This practice burns huge quantities of fossil fuels and significantly reduces the environmental benefits of the material. The Oak tree will live its whole long life in one spot, it doesn’t need to see the world before starting the second half of its life as part of your home.

There is always a temptation to think of Oak frames as mediaeval recreations, these ancient styles can be stunning, but Oak has so much more to offer. It can be space age modern and many vernaculars in between. The size of the Oak tree and your imagination are the only limitations.