Our Oak

Our business, and this is where the woodsman in us comes to the surface, stands or falls on the quality of our oak. So we never compromise our timber, cutting it with care and giving it the time it needs to be the best it can be.

We predominantly deal in UK oak, selected for our stock in person. Because oak tunes itself to its environment, by evolution or survival of the fittest, we believe Western Europe Oak (Quercus Petrea) or sessile oak performs better in the UK than Quercus Pubescence from Eastern Europe and Croatia in particular.

All our wood is graded to the European Hardwood System and we air dry all joinery for a minimum of one year per 25mm of thickness. If a joiner is to use a 120 year old tree to make a door that will last another 120 years, why compromise the timber to save a year or two in 240?

Seasoned beams can spend one to twenty years ‘in-stick’ so they have done most of the bending, twisting and splitting they are going to do, ensuring the oak we supply is predictable.

We do supply kiln dried oak for internal joinery, where the kiln is necessary to reduce the moisture content down to typical UK domestic levels of 8-10%. But we only ever kiln dry after air drying so that our boards reach equilibrium with their environment and have slowly lost their tension.

You might be surprised to learn that a living oak has a moisture content of approx. 80% i.e. 80% of its weight is water. If left in the round an oak log will dry incredibly slowly and can still be at 50-60% mc after ten years.

With our onsite sawmill and moulder we have absolute control (within the restrictions imposed by the trees themselves) to meet our customers’ needs, to cut out the middleman and to provide you with the best oak at the best price.

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Our Commitment to Quality

As a living product oak needs to be treated with respect. At Timberpride we take great care and attention to detail while working with this timber and balance traditional craftmanship with automated processes to add quality and enduring beauty to our finished products. Adopting our expertise and experience over many years from the start of this journey, from choosing the right tree to the millig of oak beams, cladding and manufacturing of oak framed structures these long established handcrafted techniques are applied at each stage. Our promise to our customers is endorsed by the Timberpride Warranty Stamp – the oak leaf symbol which represents the symbol of quality across every product we supply.