Meet The Team

We are a family; everything we do is ultimately about people.  From the landowners and foresters who planted and tended the oak trees generations ago, those who felled and extracted them and hauled them to our yard for;

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Tom & Jon to saw into beams for

Carl & Marcus to hand craft into frames.

Jane & Kim, talking and negotiating with customers and suppliers, keeping accounts whilst organising all things including Alec and Victoria 

and Bertie, who likes to be front of house….but can be grumpy!

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The Timberpride Directors

Meet Alec and Victoria the co-founders of Timberpride. You can find out more about them, their expertise, and the development of the company in their bios by following the links below.

Alec and Victoria Golesworthy, Timberpride's Oak Sawmill Company Directors

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