Technical Articles

Having founded the company over 20 years ago, Alec has year’s of expertise and experience in the oak industry that he wants to ensure is passed on to his customers and others alike.

Take a look at a selection of his articles, providing technical advice below.

The importance of consistent grades and accurate measurements cannot be underestimated.

Timberpride uses the standardised European Hardwood Grading System which encompasses visual grading for the load bearing characteristics of structural timber and appearance grading of hardwood timber for non-structural applications.

THa / THb and TH1/TH2 graded oak

TH1 and TH2 are smaller beams, under 20000mm2 end grain area, or less than 101mm in one dimension. So 200×100 or 141×141 would be the largest pieces in this grade. TH1 is a higher grade than TH2. It is common for merchants to decline to supply TH1 unless you agree to have it in a joinery grade.

THa and THb are larger beams, over 20000mm2 cross sectional area. For example larger than than 200×100 or 142×142. Tha beams are cleaner than THb.

THa and TH1 will have a D40 strength grade, whereas THb and TH2 will be D30.

The moisture content should be below 20% unless they are wet graded. Structural oak is nearly always over 20% so you should expect to see wet graded listed most of the time. The charts below give the definitions of acceptable defects:

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